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Exclusive VIP escort service t St. Moritz Engadin Switzerland

Availability: In St. Moritz until September 8th


I am very happy to welcome you to my virtual home!
What is bringing you here? Is it the quest for a special adventure? The desire to escape from everyday life and experience something exciting? Or the need to briefly leave the beaten track and discover a previously unknown terrain? Do you feel the desire to experience passion and excitement again? Or do you just want to be able to let yourself go without any pressure and enjoy the moment or even live out your long-held fantasies?
Take a closer look at my website and maybe we will soon have the opportunity to enjoy special moments together.

I am available for escort dates in St. Moritz and the surrounding area from July 9th to September 8th 2020, from September 11th you can meet me in Vienna again.

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Deep pleasure reveals itself trough the muse

If you are looking for a charming, passionate and equally intelligent muse, who is not afraid to use her pointed tongue in every way, you will find an inspiring playmate in me. As an artist of seduction, I understand how to take you into my world of sensuality and lust.


Nibbling on sweet and forbidden fruits

Experience passion and the lightness of being. Discover some side of yourself that has so far remained hidden and embark on a journey into new worlds of experience. Aren’t we living to discover new things? With me you can explore your secret desires and illuminate the horizon of your sensuality.


“She actually embodies all the attributes we men want in a dream woman – beautiful, wonderful eyes, sensual lips, long hair, dreamlike body, velvety soft skin, pleasant voice, eloquent, well-read, insanely clever, direct and honest, and she seemed absolutely authentic to me. If I was wrong, which I can’t imagine, then she would be a great actress. “

F. (translated abstract from kaufmich.com)

“An encounter of a very special kind; even the virtual pre-contact promised these special, wonderful appointment to our erotic role play. Then a meeting of the extraordinary kind: highly erotic, playful, simply first class. Best verbal eroticism, special passion, results in deep relaxation and wonderful satisfaction. Mutual closeness results in a lasting experience.”

K. (translated abstract from kaufmich.com)

“We had a wonderfully erotic evening. Accompanied by an interesting role-play, Ava knew how to deal with her charms and how to wrap me around her finger. You can keep quiet about intimate games with each other. Just this much: you are a great woman, with a head, humor and attraction, who effortlessly manages to turn men’s heads and who is therefore absolutely worth seeing again! “

N. (translated abstract from kaufmich.com)

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“It is passion that makes man live; wisdom makes one only last”


High Class Escort St. Moritz Engadin
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